The best quality treatments in Geneva

Let our beauticians take care of you with or without an appointment

The salon in Geneva is open non stop all week from morning to late afternoon

A benefit card system!

Thanks to Advantage Cards you can benefit from a reduction in the initial price of up to 60%.

L'Ile de Beauté makes you beautiful right to the tips of your eyelashes!

Individually applied eyelash extensions – totally discreet and irresistibly elegant

Beauty treatments for adolescents at l'Ile de Beauté

The salon provides some services for adolescents at competitive prices.


We do what we master better than the competition 

More than 25 years of experience enables us to ensure that our clients benefit from exceptional expertise in terms of beauty. 

Since 1988, the year in which the first salon was opened in Geneva, the quality of our work has always been recognised. We are often recommended by large hotels to carry out beauty treatments for very demanding clients. 

Simple concept

L’Ile de Beauté offers women from all backgrounds high-quality beauty treatments in relaxed and welcoming surroundings at exceptional prices for owners of our AVANTAGES cards.

Our teams are made up of graduate beauticians who when they join our company are trained in our specific beauty treatment skills, which underpin the reputation of l'lle de Beauté. Hence we guarantee that you will have the same quality of beauty treatment whichever beautician is taking care of you. 

L’Ile de Beauté was the first salon to offer:

•    The famous Brazilian bikini wax, which has often been copied but never equalled
•    Treatments without an appointment
•    Non-stop opening
•    Tiered pricing option, depending on which AVANTAGES card the client chooses to acquire.
•    Hair removal techniques with lukewarm disposable wax enabling you to save time 
•    Combined treatments
•    Regular information to our clients
•    Our own products cubicle tested on very sensitive skins


Some of our services are offered to minors at prices and in a quality, which are unrivalled in terms of owners of membership cards.

The benefits

  • The quality of treatment and speed of execution
  • Always unbeatable value for money. Client chooses the price of the service (full rate, Yellow AVANTAGE, Green AVANTAGE, Gold AVANTAGE, Minor AVANTAGE)
  • Simple good humoured welcome
  • Qualitative guarantee, if by some misfortune, the quality of treatment carried out does not correspond to what you are used to receiving; let us know immediately, by coming to see us, or within 24 hours following the beauty treatment at the latest.
  • Continuous innovation
  • Top performing beauty treatment equipment complying with ISO and/or CEE standards
  • Prices for minors (Minor Card) for a certain number of treatments right up to their 18th birthday.


We look for beauticians who love their profession; they combine skill with knowledge!

Practical information

Rue Neuve-du-Molard 17 1204 Geneva

Mon 12:00-18:30
Tue - Fri 09:00-18:30
Sat 08:00-16:30


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